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Cables and Cords 

Because safety of an appliance starts with the power cord, the VDE mark really is important.
Our special laboratory covers a range of tests which is recognized on the national and international level to a very high degree: tests of cables, cords, insulating materials, installation ducts and conduits, insulation tubes, heat-shrinking components, insulation tapes, insulated tools, personal protective equipment and voltage detectors. These products will be tested taking into account the guideline requirements on the basis of national and international standards.

Additionally, we offer testing along the complete development process. Also in the field of long-term evaluations of insulating materials we are an approved body. We are the German approbation body for the HAR agreement since its ratification in 1974.

Testing and certification of the following products:

Cables and cords: Power cables, electric power lines, HAR electric power lines, heating pipelines, parallel heating pipelines, communication cables with copper or fiber optic cable, data cables, halogen free cables and cords, cables and cords with improved behavior in fire, special cords 
Guidance systems and components for cables and cords: Installation conduit, isnstallation ducts, cable bearer systems, insulation hoses, protective hoses and pipes, insulation tapes, heat shrinking components, cable compounds
Tools for working under voltage: Pliers, cable cutters, assembly tools for screws and nuts, sectional tools, cable knives, low voltage heavy duty fuses, set screw wrenches
Safety devices: Insulation mats, insulation blankets, casings, cramps, fittings
Personal protective equipment: Protective cladding, eye-protection appliances
Appliances for working under voltage: Single- and two-pole voltage tester, phase comparator, operating rods, actuating rods, fuse tongs, guard plates

Our service offer: 

Material testing: e.g. ageing test on insulating materials, hardness tests for Shore and Vickers on tools, definition of thermal long-term characteristics of insulating materials, bending test of any kind of cords, tensile strength and ultimate elongation, coat thickness measurement
Voltage tests: e.g. DC voltage to 420 kv, impulse test (e.g. 1,2/5 µs) to 420 kv, AC voltage to 300 kv
Environmental tests: e.g. ozone resistance tests; air, oil or oxygen ageing

Additional Services

  • Performing retesting on high voltage detection and operation systems
  • Expert’s report on legal and standard compliance of electrotechnological products in your offices
  • Testing for standard conformity during the development process



Giuseppe Messinese
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