01.01.2014 Fachinformation

EUREL Task Force "Energy Transition for Europe: Need or Illusion?"

After a successful preparation of the study “Power Vision 2040 for Europe” which was published in spring 2013 and presented to the Deputy Head of cabinet of EU commissioner Oettinger EUREL has started a new work item on a the controversially discussed subject: energy transition for Europe. The “Energiewende” in Germany has initiated that discussion also in other European countries, especially since a couple of neighbour countries do suffer heavily on the huge power import pressure from Germany.

The goals of the task force are (see also figure 1):

  • development of technical concepts on an energy transition program for Europe with alternatives
  • calculation of the investment and the continued operational costs including capital costs
  • evaluation of the concepts
  • development of business concepts

Figure 1: Implemention strategy

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schröppel
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To reach those goals basic questions have to be answered:

  • do we need an EU energy policy or are national policies more effective
  • what are the national benefits and losses (even threats) if we would have an integrated European energy policy?
  • Does the EU have a general energy supply problem in the future?
  • Has the nuclear energy a future in Europe?
  • Are the renewables socially accepted? (Wind turbine parks, PV farms and biomass plants may spoil the landscape)
  • What will be the optimal share of the renewables?
  • What are the renewable potentials in the different European regions?
  • Should the renewables´ surplus be converted to gas? (“Power to Gas”)
  • Should the renewables´ surplus be used for heating, cooling or mobility?
  • What is the strategy if the grid will not be expanded as needed?
  • What is the strategy if the efficiency targets will not be met?

At present, the task force has 10 members coming from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, and Romania. The task force will prepare a study on the above-summarized subject, it suppose to be ready not late than mid 2015. The study should be presented to the EU Commission (Energy), EU Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and the interested public as well as to the corresponding authorities in the member countries.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schröppel