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In a worst-case scenario, we will look at the harsh environment in a far future. In order so, we will analyze technological solutiona for challenges to which humanity must face due to the consequences of climate change in the 23rd century.


Kerstin Wetjen
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The future of our planet provokes nowadays a lot of discussions like never before. Forecasts about the rise in sea level as well as the increase in temperature are published and omnipresent. Politicians are claimed to act and to prevent the worst case. According to this, power plants are shut down and various bans are imposed.

Is this the solution? Are bans going to solve all our problems? Future problems need future solutions.

The project Earth 2250 - Our Planet of the Future - is looking for reasonable solutions for the future. Earth 2250 wants to launch discussions. The new approaches will be presented by a monthly lecture series with selected experts on each of the topics and presented by the project team Earth 2250. You are very welcome to get in touch with us and to take part in our discussions. Become part of our world of tomorrow!


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