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12.09.2016 - 16.09.2016 Augsburg Fachtagung / Konferenz 45 0


10th IEEE Int. Conf. on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems
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Beginn: 12.09.2016
Ende: 16.09.2016

University of Augsburg
Universitätsstraße 1
86159 Augsburg


The 2016 edition of the SASO conference series will be held in Augsburg, Germany, in the week of September 12-16, 2016. SASO is part of FAS*, a common umbrella for two closely related but independent conferences (SASO and ICCAC) with shared events including workshops, tutorials, doctoral symposia, the Special Track on Trustworthy Open Self-Organising Systems, etc. 


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The topics of interest to SASO include, but are not limited to:

  • Systems theory: theoretical frameworks and models; biologically- and socially-inspired paradigms; inter-operation of self-* mechanisms;
  • Systems techniques: techniques to specify and analyze self-* systems, like statistical physics, machine learning, multi-agent systems, or other novel techniques;
  • Systems engineering: reusable mechanisms, design patterns, architectures, methodologies; software and middleware development frameworks and methods, platforms
  • and toolkits; hardware; self-* materials; governance of self-* systems, emergent behavior in self-* systems;
  • System properties: robustness, resilience, and stability; emergence; computational awareness and self-awareness; reflection; anti-fragility;
  • Cyber-physical and socio-technical systems: human factors and visualization; self-* social computers; crowdsourcing and collective awareness; human-in-the-loop;
  • Data-driven approaches: data mining; machine learning; data science and other statistical techniques to analyze, understand, and manage behavior of complex systems;
  • Education: experience reports; curricula; innovative course concepts; methodological aspects of self-* systems education;
  • Ethics and Humanities in self-* systems;
  • Applications and experiences with self-* systems in any of the following domains:
    • Smart-*: application of self-* principles to smart-grids, smart-cities, smart-environments, smart-vehicles
    • Industrial automation: embedded self-* systems, adaptive industrial plants, smart industries (Industry 4.0)
    • Transportation: autonomous vehicles, coordination between vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure, and traffic optimization
    • Unmanned systems: aerial vehicles, undersea vehicles, other robotic platforms
    • Internet of Things: challenges, applications, and benefits; self-* for network management, self-* applied to Cybersecurity


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