Satellite Industry Day Series 2022
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13.12.2022 Online Event Fachtagung / Konferenz

Satellite Industry Day - Part III

Understanding the impact of next-generation satellite technologies
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Beginn: 13.12.2022 15:00 Uhr
Ende: 13.12.2022 17:30 Uhr

Online Event


Technological advances in the satellite industry have enabled high to very-high-throughput satellites in GEO, MEO and LEO orbits. New satellite constellations pave the way for reliable high-speed data and internet communications in previously unserved areas and for mobile applications.

With software defined payloads, satellite operators and even the end users can reconfigure footprint coverage and bandwidth allocations even when the satellites are already in orbit. This makes it possible to react in a flexible manner to new operational requirements and hence also reduce costs.

Technological innovations open up new possibilities and also bring with them new challenges, which we want to address at our third Satellite Industry Day. 

Join the event and find out:

  • How to deploy digital ground segment infrastructures for very high throughput satellites.
  • How to enable antenna terminal testing for NewSpace.
  • How satellite in-orbit testing has evolved in response to flexible high-throughput digital payloads.
  • How in-orbit reprogrammable satellites can set a new standard in flexibility and address markets that are highly changeable and mobile.
  • How the benefits of each orbit can be leveraged and how to orchestrate multi-orbit satellite communications with view to 5G/6G networks.
  • How regenerative satellites with on-board processing functions transmit highspeed data via inter-satellite links.

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