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13.09.2023 - 15.09.2023 Lübeck Kongress

AMMM 2023

3D-Druck in der Medizin
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Beginn: 13.09.2023
Ende: 15.09.2023

Fraunhofer IMTE
23552 Lübeck


AMMM is the premier communication platform for researchers, engineers, manufacturers, and clinicians interested in 3D printing in medicine.

Deadline for focus-session applications: May 1, 2023
Deadline for abstract and paper submissions: July 3, 2023

You can submit either a one-page abstract or a full paper to the AMMM conference. Accepted abstract and industrial keynote contributions will be published online in the Supplement of Transactions on Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine (Trans. AMMM - ISSN: 2699-1977). Accepted full-paper contributions will be published online in the regular issue of the journal. For the conference, both formats (full paper and abstract) are allowed. One-page abstracts and industrial keynotes will be peer reviewed. Content published elsewhere may also be placed in this format (as long as it is not copy/paste). The full paper has no page limit. These papers have a minimum of 3 reviewers. Link to the Templates for Paper Submission.

Applications for Focus Sessions: Focus sessions on clearly defined topics will be integrated into the scientific program. For this, a focus-session title and a short description (100 words) of the thematic focus must be provided. The designated chair of the focus session must motivate 5-6 suitable scientists to submit contributions to this session. The time slot for a focus session is 90 min. The successful coordinator of a focus session will receive a single individual waiver of the conference fee for his or her own participation. Please upload your structured Focus-Session Application according to the structure and style of the Microsoft Word templates as docx-file via the Submission System. The applications will be evaluated by the members of the scientific program committee.

Scientific Program Committee:

AMMM is organized by Fraunhofer IMTE, Universität zu Lübeck, Infinite Science GmbH and supported by Life Science Nord (LSN e.V.) and Land Schleswig-Holstein.


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Fraunhofer IMTE | Lübeck | Germany

Prof. Dr, Thorsten M. Buzug
23562 Lübeck

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