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13.11.2023 Frankfurt a. M. (and hybrid) Workshop

DKE Stakeholder Workshop Semiconductors

Kick-Off on development of a standardization roadmap on secure chips
Beginn: 13.11.2023 13:00 Uhr
Ende: 13.11.2023 17:00 Uhr

The target group includes international experts interested in secure chips.


H4 Hotel
Oeserstraße 180
65933 Frankfurt a. M. (and hybrid)


Semiconductors are crucial in a huge amount of sectors such as communication, information technology, health care, transportation, energy and infrastructure. The importance of semiconductor was also pointed out by the European Commission in the Annual Union Work Program from 2022. However, securing the tiny, intricate semiconductor chips, essential to many electronic systems, can be challenging. The increasing complexity involved in the development, integration, and post-deployment use of microelectronics presents new security risks and vulnerabilities. Consequentially, users of electronic devices but also manufacturers pursue secure and reliable chips. This workshop targets exactly this, standards for certifications of chips in terms of security, authenticity, reliability.

The main aim of this project is to develop a roadmap which provides a clear terminology, overview of the current situation in semiconductor standardization, identifying gaps and needs in standardization, proposing further steps and activities and a preparation of revisions of European standardization deliverables which support the European Union legislation and policies.

An agenda will be published soon.

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The participation in the workshop is free of charge.



Information and registration:

If you are interested attending the event onsite or via live stream, please send an email to Mr. Stipe Mandic with your full contact details:

Please also inform us about:

  1. the sector you work in
  2. your expectation on secure reliable and trusted chips in one sentences
  3. If you would like to participate online or in person
    (Note: number of participants on site is limited)

Additional offer: VDE and DKE are actively encouraging the participation of German Young Professionals in this event. As such, we extend a special invitation to young professionals to apply for the Trusted Chips Young Professional Program. This program offers the opportunity to learn more about standardization, participate in the workshop and contribute to the development of certification standards for chips, focusing on aspects of security, authenticity, and reliability.
For more information and to learn how to apply, please visit the following link:


Your contact
Stipe Mandic
63069 Offenbach

9_z6v.3r4uztQAuv.t53 Tel. +49 69 6308-573


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