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18.10.2023 online Webinar

Product Compliance - a 360-Degree overview - Handling product risks - what to do if you are faced with a product recall?

Early session
Beginn: 18.10.2023 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 18.10.2023 11:30 Uhr



As from December 13, 2024 the new European Product Safety Regulation will replace the 2001 General Product Safety Directive. The regulation significantly intensifies the existing obligations of economic operators (manufacturers, importers, dealers, etc.) regarding corrective actions which may become necessary if a product is not compliant; these obligations are often not taken seriously enough.

In the webinar "Handling product risks - what to do if you are faced with a product recall?" which is part of our webinar series "Product Compliance from 360°", Ulrich Becker, lawyer at CMS Germany, explains why the topic is important for many companies, including smaller ones, which often consider themselves "not responsible" and refer to the manufacturer, or for companies who only sell "B2B". Mr. Becker will give a brief overview, among other things, where the obligation to issue warnings, perform recalls or returns comes from, what to do in these cases, what “Rapex” issue is all about and why this is of utmost importance, how to identify affected products, what a recall notice should look like, why it is helpful to coordinate communication with authorities, external experts, insurance companies, legal advice and customers and why the new Product Safety Regulation suddenly requires that repairs or replacements must be offered even years after the sale. With many practical examples Mr. Becker will explain how companies can prepare for such an "emergency". When things get going, there is hardly any time to prepare anymore, and if companies do not react (correctly), there is a risk of damages, fines, personal liability and reputational damage.


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