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28.11.2011 Paderborn Workshop 4 0

Beyond IP ? Security for the Future Internet

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Beginn: 28.11.2011
Ende: 28.11.2011
The objective of this joint workshop is to create a forum for researchers, professionals and application developers both from industry and academia to discuss challenges and solution approaches for security in the Future Internet in order to get a better understanding what we can expect for the Future Internet.

Universität Paderborn

One of the megatrends of the recent years is the migration of all major ICT infrastructures towards all-IP solutions. This trend is obvious not only for classical telecommunication and cellular networks, it also concerns cyber-physical systems bridging the gap between the ?real? world and cyberspace by using networked sensor and actor systems. Besides the apparent advantages of this development, there are significant risks, misuse and fraud opportunities as we already experience today. As a consequence, the global research community has initiated a major initiative towards developing new ? potentially disruptive ? ideas and concepts for a Future Internet ?beyond IP? where ubiquitous mobility is a basic assumption and security a major design issue.
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<b>Participation is free of charge</b>

ITG Informationstechnische Gesells. im VDE


FG 5.2.4 ?Mobility in IP-based Networks? FG 5.2.2 ?Security in Networks?

Please inform the workshop organizers about your planned contribution by October 16th, 2011. The number of contributions is limited and assigned on a first come first served basis. Participants should register by email by November 18th, 2011.


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