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27.03.2014 Hamburg Workshop 17 0

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

45. ITG Fachgruppenworkshop
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Beginn: 27.03.2014
Ende: 27.03.2014
The objective of this workshop is to bring stakeholders of this topic like end users,manufacturers, and academia together to discuss the state of the art and trends in wireless sensor networks.

Technische Universität Hamburg
Schwarzenbergstr. 95
21073 Hamburg

Wireless Sensor Networks are applicable in many different domains including for example environmental monitoring, hazard warning, support and optimization of manufacturing processes, vehicles, and assistance to humans in everyday life. Although each domain has specific requirements, common challenges for WSNs exist. The nodes forming the network must be small, cheap, smart, have a long battery lifetime, and able to communicate. Real network deployments must find the right balance between those often contrary challenges.

ITG Informationstechnische Gesells. im VDE


FG 5.2.4 ?Mobility in IP-based Networks? FG 5.2.1 "System Architecture and Traffic Engineering"

Please inform the workshop organizers about your planned contribution via email by Monday, March 3, 2014 The number of contributions is limited and assigned on a first come first served basis. The workshop program will be published March 5, 2014. Participants should register via email by March 17, 2014 For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the workshop organizers: Maciej Mühleisen (maciej.muehleisen@tuhh.de) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kellerer (wolfgang.kellerer@tum.de) Dr. Dirk Staehle (staehle@docomolab-euro.com)


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