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VDE dialog - The Technology Magazine

Every three months, VDE reports on innovations and trends in technology, science and industry. 

VDE dialog 3/2019: Ocean - Technology and the Environment  


  • SHIP PROPULSION: As the industry moves beyond the age of heavy fuel oil, there is a huge demand for concepts for alternative ship engines. The solutions range from fuel cell drives through liquefied petroleum gas, and even massive solar cell sails.
  • MARINE LITTERING: The estimated 150 million tons of plastic littering the oceans is unacceptable – how can we make our seas clean again? Many initiatives are trying to tackle the problem with technical solutions.
  • OCEAN PROJECTS: Researchers are attempting to unlock the true essence of water and to sustainably harness its full potential. An overview of various current technological innovations. 
  • POWER PLANTS: Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and flexible – there are plenty of reasons for floating power plants at sea instead of building them on land.

Further topics:

  • AEROSPACE: Galileo and PLATO: The satellite navigation system and scientific mission are two of the most significant European aerospace projects in recent years.
  • NANOTECHNOLOGY: Microscopic parts, huge impact: Nanotechnology opens up a wealth of possible applications, and so is rapidly becoming a significant factor for economic success.
  • 5G: While 5G licenses are under auction in Germany, other countries have already implemented the new mobile communications standard.