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VDE dialog - The Technology Magazine

Every three months, VDE reports on innovations and trends in technology, science and industry. 

VDE dialog 2/2020: Future Hub Industry  


  • HANNOVER MESSE Once a year, everything at the Hannover Messe revolves around automation and energy technology. The new focus topics at this year’s trade show are the new mobile communications standard 5G and sustainability in the sense of environmental and climate protection.
  • STARTUPS Industry 4.0 poses major chal-lenges for many companies. Co-operating with innovative startups appears to be a clever strategy that promises success.
  • 3D PRINTING To fully exploit the potential of 3D printing for industrial manufacturing processes and switch to this production track, we need to think additively – right from the design phase.
  • INDONESIA Indonesia, South-East Asia’s largest economy, is marching boldly into the future. Based on the slogan “Making Indonesia 4.0”, President Joko Widodo has set out an ambitious program.

Further topics:

  • CES LAS VEGAS The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas presents major tech-nology trends as well a vast range of curiosities.
  • NETWORK TECHNOLOGY It doesn’t always have to be 5G.  Alternative network technologies such as LoRa (Long Range) can be the better choice for certain application areas. 
  • CORPORATE POWER Technology giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google are finding themselves under increasing scrutiny from both politicians and antitrust authori-ties – even on their home market in the United States
  • CYBERSECURITY Europe’s largest research center for applied cybersecurity takes its name from Athena, the goddess of wisdom, strategy, and warfare. A visit to the site in Darmstadt, Germany.