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Every three months, VDE reports on innovations and trends in technology, science and industry. 

VDE dialog 1/2020: 100 Years of Product Safety  


  • WORLDWIDE SECURITY Since the introduction of the VDE certification mark 100 years ago, globalization and digitalization have transformed the VDE Institute’s work. It is now active across many industries, with joint ventures and collaborations with test labs around the world.
  • VDE’S TESTING PORTFOLIO From washing machines to Industry 4.0 and the security of renewable energy firms: VDE stands for far more than just consumer protection, and its reach is global. An overview.
  • CYBERSECURITY The wide range of innovative attack methods deployed by cybercriminals calls for a uniform strategy and new security approaches. In the agile Industry 4.0, all process levels must be nimble – and security measures are no exception.
  • GREEN INVESTMENTS There is no shortage of green investment projects, but which ones provide safe returns? For over a decade now, VDE Renewables has awarded quality certificates to solar installations, wind parks, and storage systems in almost every corner of the world.  

Further topics:

  • LIGHT FIDELITY Researchers have been looking into data transmission with light since 2005. So far, however, this technology has been lurking in the shadows.
  • QUANTUM COMPUTING The year 2019 ended with sensational news in the computing world: for the very first time, a quantum computer had outperformed a conventional supercomputer. Is this the breakthrough of the qubit?
  • NEUROSCIENCE The plans are ambitious and the possibilities appear limitless: could artificial neural networks and implants really lead to the creation of a “better brain”?