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Every three months, VDE reports on innovations and trends in technology, science and industry. 

VDE dialog 4/2019: Energy Transition - Can the climate still be saved? 


  • ENERGY TRANSITION: Mere lip service or a serious venture? The editorial team asks two experts on renewable energy if and how political commitments to compliance with the Paris climate goals can still be met.
  • STARTUPS: In search of clean energy: Startups with innovative technical ideas are developing designs for implementing the energy transition. An overview.
  • HEAT SECTOR: No energy transition without a heat transition: The heat sector is responsible for roughly half of all energy use – not only in Germany, but around the world.
  • TRANSPORT SECTOR: It’s all in the mix: Batteries alone will not be enough to create a more sustainable transport concept. Fuel cells can also make a meaningful contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • ELECTRICITY SECTOR: The Climate Action Plan 2050 makes it clear: Despite renewable energy’s current share of net electricity generation, the energy sector must still reduce its CO2 emissions significantly.

Further topics:

  • FAKES: Global player in the counterfeit business: An alarming number of counterfeit products can be found on the German market. The overwhelming majority come from China.
  • CARBON CAPTURING: Negative emissions technology: The capturing and conversion of CO2 from the air represents one strategy for keeping global warming at bay.
  • ELECTROMOBILITY: An industry in upheaval: The trend towards electric drive systems and hybrid vehicles is changing not only transport options but also vehicle manufacturing.