Ein Roboterarm vor blauem Hintergrund, Bildschirmausschnitten von Datenanalysen und reihenweise Einsen und Nullen
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Every three months, VDE reports on innovations and trends in technology, science and industry. In our current issue, we report on space travel, new and old players, a billion-dollar business and the childhood dreams of three multi-billionaires. 

A Crew Dragon capsule docking with the International Space Station ISS. After about six months aboard the ISS, the four astronauts of Crew 1 returned safely to Earth in May this year. It was the first regular mission with the manned space transporters of Elon Musk's company. 

| NASA / SpaceX

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Space: new players, new objectives



The competition for the multibillion-euro market surrounding the space industry is in full swing. Work is underway on reusable launchers, huge satellite networks and ways to transport tourists into space.


Remote regions of Germany and the rest of the world are to finally receive high-speed Internet access in the near future. This is being made possible by a dense network of satellites.


The red planet is a popular place:
2020 saw the launch of no fewer than three missions to Mars. In addition to the search for signs of life, these endeavors are also a matter of prestige.


With unusual ideas and plenty of innovative spirit, a new generation of startups is forcing its way into the New Space market. Let us introduce you to a few of them.

Further topics:


Berlin versus Munich: Which of the two cities currently has the edge as Germany’s best technology location?


Unlike their conventional counterparts, flying wind turbines operate in higher reaches of the atmosphere, where the wind is stronger and more reliable.


Direct air capture is considered a source of hope among climate technologies. The process removes greenhouse gases from the surrounding air and can thus contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2.


According to a VDE study, it’s only with a clever mix of all the climate-neutral drive technologies available that the EU can achieve zero emissions.


The FAZ-Institut has honored companies for fulfilling their social responsibility beyond their core business during the coronavirus pandemic – and VDE is one of them.