BMT - Biomedical Engineering
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BMT - Annual scientific conference of the DGBMT on Biomedical Engineering

The BMT is the annual conference of the DGBMT German Society for Biomedical Engineering.
With an average of about 800 participants, it is the most important research conference for biomedical technology and biomedical engineering in the German-speaking countries.. The conference is held in English.



BMT 2018

Campus der RWTH Aachen
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2018-03-15 Aachen, Germany

The BMT 2018 - 52nd DGBMT Annual Conference will be hosted in Aachen, the City of Kings, September 26-28, 2018. This year's focus topics will be "Biohybrid Medical Systems", "In-Vivo-Imaging", "Cyber Medical Systems", "First-In-Human-Trials", and "Patient Specific Model Guided Therapy".

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BMT 2017

Blick auf Dresden
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2017-09-10 Dresden

The BMT 2017 was held from September, 10th till 13th 2017 in Dresden.

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BMT 2016

2016-10-04 Basel

The BMT 2016 was held from October, 4th till 6th 2016 in Basel.

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BMT 2015

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The BMT 2015 was held from September, 16th till 18th in Lübeck.

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