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Expert Survey 2017: Implantable Theranostic Devices

Implantable theranostic devices allow controlling the applied therapy and monitoring the disease progression in order to achieve highly personalized medical care. These devices perform increasingly sophisticated sensing, computation, and actuation in a closed loop manner. Examples include drug delivery systems, pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators, neurostimulators or glycaemic control systems.

Professor Hofmann wins Attendance at Chirurgiekurs

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hofmann, Peter-Osypka-Professor for Neuroelectronic Systems, University of Freiburg

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We are happy to anounce that following the Expert Survey a winner of the drawing has been found. Professor Ulrich Hofmann from the University of Freiburg is the lucky winner and has confirmed the attendance at the "Hands-on-Intensivkurs für Ingenieure: Chirurgie in der Praxis” on December 14th and 15th, 2017. We are looking forward to new insights and interesting discussions.


DGBMT in the VDE

Results are available

The DGBMT Expert Survey 2017 has identified emerging implantable theranostic devices as well as key experts, market players and issues in the field. In addition, the study has analysed technical and non-technical factors that have an impact on the development of these special medical devices.

Participants of the survey had been invited to take part in a drawing of a free participation at the forthcoming course “Hands-on-Intensivkurs für Ingenieure: Chirurgie in der Praxis” in Munich and a winner has been contacted.

The results are now available for free.