DKE Mission Statement: Commitment 

The DKE relies on the commitment of everyone involved. 


The DKE would be simply inconceivable without the work of the technical experts. Their expertise, specialist know-how and experience put life into the daily standardization work, guaranteeing top quality results. Furthermore, the members of the Council and Technical Advisory Boards, the German secretaries on European and international committees and, last but not least, the staff in the DKE office in VDE House all make their own contribution with their personal commitment to ensuring that the whole system functions successfully.

To keep things this way, the DKE is actively committed to fostering young professionals. Training events and university programs such as the "Science to Standards" initiative broaden overall awareness for standardization as such, inviting young people to contribute to the DKE.

Regular surveys among experts and standards users together with many one-to-one discussions give the DKE satisfied, positive feedback and confirmation of its work, as well as indicating scope for further improvements and new challenges. As a lively, realistic organization, the DKE takes up every suggestion as a chance for responding even better in future to requests from the experts and standards users in order to fulfil its general mandate in these highly dynamic times.

Involvement in standardization as an opportunity

Playing an active role makes it possible to influence standardization and the ensuing advantages. Successful standards are generated by market forces. Companies actively involved in drawing up standards gain early knowledge of future developments and can respond with their own strategies in good time. Opportunities for asserting proprietary solutions on an international scale only become available through active involvement in the standardization process. If you have the standard, you have the market. By contrast, companies face all kinds of incalculable risks on being subsequently forced to relinquish their own concepts and convert to internationally accepted solutions. Possible consequences include a loss of market shares and the considerable financial implications of re-entry, particularly on technical segments with short innovation cycles. In other words, innovation strategy is standardization strategy.

The DKE offers such wide-ranging possibilities for participating in and influencing the process so that everyone can become involved according to their interests and resources, for example:

    • Active involvement in the DKE's bodies
    • Comments and reactions to DKE draft standards or international documents
    • Own proposals for new standardization projects
    • Involvement in the specialist associations and technical committees
    • Supporting the DKE's objectives as passive sponsor

With these varied participation possibilities, the DKE offers SME businesses in particular attractive opportunities to obtain an insight into current technical developments at manageable cost, while at the same time also representing their interests on an international level. This promotes innovative technologies, establishes partnerships and safeguards capital expenditure.

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