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Withdrawn: VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2 Plugs, socket-outlets,  ... 

... vehicles couplers and vehicle inlets - Conductive charging of electric vehicles - Part 2-2: Dimensional interchangeability requirements for pin and contact-tube accessories


This VDE application guide was replaced by the DIN EN 62196-2 (VDE 0623-5-2):2012 in November 2012


Charging accessories that drivers can use to charge their vehicles in countries other than their own are an important factor involved in successfully introducing series production of cars with electric drive. The DKE has elaborated a recommendation that takes into account the different requirements for plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle couplers and vehicle inlets, both nationally and internationally. The recommendation identifies accessories and interfaces between the power supply and the electric car that permit ‘fuelling’ with 20, 32, 63 amps (single- and three-phase current) and with 70 amps (single-phase current only) with a maximum operating voltage of 500 volts at 50-60 Hz. This range covers the entire range of power-supply systems worldwide.

All of the physical requirements, such as the structure and arrangement of the plug and socket-outlet systems and wiring, take the safety aspects and compatibility of the different charging processes into account on an equal basis with one another.

The VDE application guide applies for vehicle couplers which are used at an ambient temperature between ‑30 °C and +50 °C. In some countries other requirements may apply.

The accessories specified in the recommendation also fulfil all of the relevant safety requirements, including the requirements that apply to the charging station.

The VDE application guide of the DKE also provides for bi-directional transmission of power. In other words, not only can vehicles draw power from the power grid, but they can feed power back into the grid as well. This is intended for temporary storage of power during peak periods, making the electric car a part of the ‘smart grid’. Diese Steckvorrichtungen sind nur für den Anschluss an Kabel mit Leitern aus Kupfer oder Kupferlegierungen vorgesehen.

The German proposal for charging accessories has been submitted to IEC. Given the time required to draft an IEC standard along these lines and the requirements the German automobile industry has placed on quick availability of a normative document the DKE has published the VDE application guide VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2 entitled ‘Stecker, Steckdosen, Fahrzeugsteck­vorrichtungen und Fahrzeugstecker – Ladung von Elektrofahrzeugen – Teil 2-2: Anforderungen an Hauptmaße für die Austauschbarkeit von Stift- und Buchsensteckvorrichtungen’ (Plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle couplers and vehicle inlets – Conductive charging of electric vehicles – Part 2-2: Dimensional interchangeability requirements for pin and contact-tube accessories). Once the IEC standard is published, the VDE application guide will be withdrawn.

The responsible division for this VDE application guide is the division “Standardization“ of the DKE.


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