Das Team der VDE|FNN-Geschäftsstelle unterstützt die Arbeit der ehrenamtlichen FNN-Gremien wie Vorstand oder Projektgruppen.


The employees at the offices of VDE|FNN support the work of the honorary FNN committees such as the Board and Project Groups.

You can find out more about the individual committees and the organisational structure of the Forum Netztechnik/Netzbetrieb in the VDE (VDE|FNN) here.

Managing Director

Office Manager

Public Relations


NameArea of expertiseTelephoneEmail
Dipl.-Ing. Thoralf BohnSystem Operation, Environmental Protection and Conservation+49 30 383868-74thoralf.bohn@vde.com
Dipl.-Ing. Mike ElsnerMetering and Power Line Crossings+49 30 383868-72mike.elsner@vde.com
Dipl.-Vwt. Sascha KutterNetwork Connection and Compliance+49 30 383868-79sascha.kutter@vde.com
Dipl.-Ing. Dieter QuadfliegNetwork and Supply Quality+49 69 6308-420dieter.quadflieg@vde.com
Florian Regnery, M.A.E-Mobility and Innovation+49 30 383868-75florian.regnery@vde.com
Dipl.-Ing. Frank BorchardtDigitalisation and Metering+49 30 383868-26frank.borchardt@vde.com

Salome Gonzalez Vazquez, M.Sc.

International Relations+49 30 383868-85salome.gonzalez@vde.com

Shiqi Wang, M.Sc.

Storage and System Support Requirements+49 30 383868-73shiqi.wang@vde.com
Susann Bartels, M.Sc., M.A.Cyber Security for Energy Supply and Power Grids+49 30 383868-80susann.bartels@vde.com