Wichtigstes Ziel von VDE|FNN ist der jederzeit sichere Betrieb der Stromnetze.


The main focus of FNN is to ensure a safe system operation with an increasing penetration of renewable energies.

Basis of our work

  • The power grid is the basis for the successful implementation of the energy transition.
  • Transmission systems, distribution networks and connected generating plants must be developed as a total system.
  • The entire system needs to be developed further both technically and in market terms.
  • Targeted and proactive technical development is essential for avoiding costly retrofits.
  • An orientation on the diversity of individual interests is not effective.

What defines FNN

  • At FNN, manufacturers, network operators, generating plant operators and scientific institutions identify upcoming technical challenges and develop joint solutions.
  • The objective is to maintain a safe system operation with an increasing penetration of renewable energies. Specifically, this means to ensure safe system operation with 80% renewable energies by 2050 under all operating conditions. Supply quality and availability must remain at current levels.
  • The VDE|FNN Application Rules support a transparent and proactive development of the overall system.

Delivering results

  • The cooperation of relevant expert groups on forward-thinking regulation leads to a higher security of investment for product developers, manufacturers, network customers and network operators.
  • Output from technical regulation at FNN support a more rapid application of innovative technologies, making them suitable for everyday use and ensuring their compatibility in the system.

What we strive to achieve

  • Serve as point of contact for the technical implementation of the energy transition
  • Strengthen FNN´s position in politics, media and the public
  • Raise awareness of the importance of electrical networks and the proactive technical development of the entire system
  • Establish framework conditions for technical self-regulation
  • Liaise between experts with ministries and research institutes


  • Through membership contributions and publications
  • FNN Members include companies that operate or provide services to the power grid as well as developers of network technology and operators of systems connected to the power grid.