Comic Thunder and Lightning
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Thunder & Lightning! "Flash-Primer" for Youngtimers

How dangerous is a thunderstorm?  Where can I find protection? Laura, Basti and Linus inform in the comic "Thunder & Lightning! "Flash-Primer" for Youngtimers".

  • How dangerous is a thunderstorm?
  • Where do I find protection when it flashes and thunders?
  • What can break everything?

Laura, Basti and Linus answer these and many other questions in the free comic "Thunder & Lightning! "Flash-Primer" for Youngtimers".

The comic is available free of charge as a pdf file for printing and display on screen (later on also as an app for Android and iOS).


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The Story

The heroine of the comic is Laura, who knows a lot about lightning. Together with her friends Basti and Linus and the dog Lupo she masters dangerous situations during a thunderstorm. They learn, for example, that they

  • must never be near trees,
  • have to leave the water immediately in the swimming pool and
  • that when camping, the tents don't provide protection from lightning.

For whom?

The comic was made for children of primary school age. Older kindergarten children and children between the ages of 10 and 11 will also enjoy this comic.


Comic Thunder and Lightning

Comic for screen view

Publishing date: 2019-05-22
PDF: 3.5 MB
Comic Thunder and Lightning

Comic for self service print

Publishing date: 2019-05-22
PDF: 8.9 MB