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2017-07-27 press release

VDE Institute and VDE|FNN cooperate in the field of Technical Safety Management (TSM)

The VDE Institute takes over the agency of TSM. For network operators, TSM offers an important competitive advantage and makes it fit for the future against the backdrop of the energy demand. 350 of 900 network operators have already been checked.

Press Officer

Since July 2017, the Technical Safety Management (TSM) has been part of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. With around 100 years of experience, the VDE Institute takes care of the TSM customer projects in the electricity division.

The Forum Network Technology / Network Operation in the VDE (VDE|FNN) continues to drive forward the development of the TSM in the form of guidelines and application rules. With their cooperation, the two VDE units bundle their competences in the area of electrical power grid networks and are thus even more targeted to the requirements of network operators. "With the TSM as a voluntary instrument for self-control, we offer the company an important competitive advantage," says Ansgar Hinz, CEO of the technology association VDE. The TSM confirmation is a sign for a secure power supply in high quality. This is also reflected by the figures: some 350 of 900 network operators have already been checked. "At the same time, with this service, we are strengthening the competence of the VDE as a technology association in the field of electricity," adds the VDE CEO.

Further development of TSM

VDE|FNN will continue to develop the technical requirements for the qualification and organization of electricity supply grid operators (VDE-AR-N 4001) with its bodies. In addition, VDE|FNN regularly adapts the guidelines "General organizational part" and "Specialized partial flow" to new developments such as work safety and information security. In addition to the rules, it is mainly the experts who carry out the TSM verifications. In the future, VDE|FNN will continue to select, train and promote their exchange among themselves.

About TSM:

TSM is a solution that is tailored to the power supply to achieve and verify organizational safety with regard to technical safety and operational organization. Network operators can have their organizational and operational organization checked in relation to compliance with laws, regulations, generally accepted rules of technology and professional association regulations. The review is carried out by independent experts. Network operators benefit from advantages, e.g. when applying for concessions. In addition, liability risks can be minimized and employees and managers at network operators receive security. The goal is to support self-responsible action. TSM tests are to be further developed as a service for network operators in addition to the general management systems.
TSM has a cross-sectoral approach and can also be applied to companies in the gas and water supply, district heating and waste water disposal sectors. In these cases, the contact persons at AGFW, DVGW Service and Consult GmbH and DWA are responsible for the TSM review.