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The participants of the plugfest in Munich

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2017-05-18 press release

VDE test suite 2.0 successfully used for the conformity assessment

EEBUS standard confirmed in practice at the plugfest at the IBM Watson IoT-Center. At the first plugfest to implement the EEBUS standard for the application of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology (HVAC) at the IBM Watson IoT Center in Munich, manufacturers tested whether their products communicate via EEBUS.

Press Officer

EEBUS helps with its functionalities to use the energy efficiently. This includes, for example, the possibility that a smart home system transmits values of the current temperature and the heat demand of the individual rooms to the heating system. More and more providers of intelligent devices and systems declare themselves for open system solutions in the smart home sector. For marketability it is important to test whether the realized development has been successfully implemented and that the company's own product is networked with the target products. In order to be able to test the consistency of the tested systems with the EEBUS standard, the VDE Institute examined the participating devices and systems with its cloud-based test suite 2.0. On the basis of defined use cases, the VDE experts subjected the respective product during the development process to a remote-controlled verification of conformity and interoperability. The result: The plugfest was successful, the EEBUS interfaces of the involved heating controllers, energy managers and smart home systems worked and are now fit for the mass market.

During a plugfest, detailed and final adjustments as well as modifications and configurations are required. Folding everything, the design will be fixed for further development and for market launch. Therefore, this test is an important component for quality assurance and an important indication that you can assemble your "intelligent" system within the tested group independently of the respective product and system provider.

At the plugfest, three of the major German heat producers, Vaillant, Viessmann and Wolf Heiztechnik, participated. SMA Solar, KEO GmbH and the VDE Institute also took part, while the eQ-3 AG and representatives of further member companies such as Bosch Thermotechnik and automotive manufacturers accompanied the plugfest as observers In order to incorporate their experiences into their own developments.