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ITRE - Industry, Research and Energy

Data Flows - Future Scenarios

November 2017

This report examines the current state of play in the open data market and the legal framework in the EU. Barriers and possible solutions are identified in the form of future scenarios to 2020-25.

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Digitizing Industry (Industry 4.0) and Cyber Security

October 2017

The digitalization of manufacturing industry, i.e. employing in depth digital technologies for the performance of good production raises additional cyber security questions. Currently EU cyber security policies are mainly targeting network security and large infrastructures of public interest, with little emphasis on the needs of a digitized industry. Still, recent policy developments do provide framework of possibly covering these Needs.

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EU Energy Independence, Security of Supply and Diversification of Sources

March 2017

This report summarizes the presentations and discussions during the workshop ‘EU Energy Independence, Security of Supply and Diversification of Sources’ organized on 6 February 2017 by Policy Department A for the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE). The aim of the workshop was to evaluate the current and future EU gas import dependence and to identify and assess possible policy initiatives to enhance the security of gas supply in the EU by further diversification of sources and routes. The workshop and this report will also support the ITRE Committee in its evaluation of proposals for review of EU legislation related to this topic.

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Cyber Security Strategy for the Energy Sector

December 2016

The EU energy infrastructure is transitioning into a decentralized, digitalized smart energy system. Already, energy operations are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks with potentially catastrophic consequences. Development of energy specific cyber security solutions and defensive practices are therefore essential. Urgent action is required, including empowering a coordination body, to promote sharing of incident information, development of best practice and relevant standards.

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European Leadership in 5G

November 2016

This report examines the concept for 5G, how it might fit in the future telecommunications landscape, the state of play in R&D in the EU and globally, the possible business models and the role of standards and spectrum policy, to assess the EU’s strategic Position.

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TRAN - Transport and Tourism

Self-piloted cars: The future of road transport?

March 2016

The study provides an analysis of the development of automated vehicles inside and outside the EU, including both the technologies which are already on the market and those under testing and research. The EU is giving increasing attention to automated and connected vehicles as they could have huge impacts on road safety, travel behavior and urban development. The study reports on state of the art key research projects and large scale testing in this area and discusses future pathways and potential impacts of increasing vehicle automation. It concludes with recommendations on aspects that should be considered when shaping policies to sustain the research and development, and bringing to market, of highly automated and connected vehicles.

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JURI - Legal Affairs

European Civil Law Rules in Robotics

October 2016

Study that evaluates and analyses a number of future European civil law rules in robotics from a legal and ethical perspective.

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