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VDE: on duty for renewable energies worldwide

Our experts from VDE Renewables talking about the next big things in the renewable energy sector and how VDE tackles the topic of bankability together with industry stakeholders.

VDE and its partners launch global energy storage initiative

Partnership with Fraunhofer ISE and Nanyang Technological University

With the Global Energy Storage Competence Cluster VDE is expanding its presence and services in the field of renewable energies internationally: VDE Renewables, Fraunhofer ISE and Nanyang Technological University Singapore are therefore working together. This was announced by the partners at the Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore in late October 2017.

With test labs in Asia, Germany and the US, including the new VDE Prime Lab Singapore, VDE and Fraunhofer ISE take care of customers along the entire value chain: from research and development, consulting on component and system levels, to support in commercialization, and premium certifications.

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Services and product portfolio of the VDE Prime Lab Singapore :

  • Performance and safety tests of energy storage according to international standards
  • Tailored security tests beyond the standards
  • Research and development in the field of battery cells
  • Prototype development for battery systems
  • Customized services for the financial sector: certification for bankability, investability, insurability
  • Advice for energy storage and battery technology.

„From Grid to Bit"

VDE CEO Ansgar Hinz gave the opening keynote at the VDE-organized "Digital Transformation of Energy" track at the Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore with the title "From Grid to Bit: Key factors for enabling the sustainable growth of the smart grid". In his lecture * he answered the following questions: What are the macro trends driving the push towards digitization and decentralization? And what are the key success factors for the further transformation of the grid?

*The lecture was recorded in advance at the VDE Institute.

Cleantech: Quality criteria for banks and insurance companies

VDE develops advanced quality criteria with the Cleantech industry

Driven by digitalization, by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), Prosumer will soon revolutionize the electricity grids. New innovative services will shape the markets decisively. In particular, products and systems in the cleantech sector such as energy storage and digital energy management systems are facing similar challenges to photovoltaics. In addition to further developing international safety standards, the new applications have to meet additional quality criteria of the financial sector and insurance companies in order to grow in the global market.

To tackle these challenges, VDE led the cleantech sector's discussions on quality criteria and best practices which meet the requirements of key stakeholders such as banks, investors and insurance companies at the Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore.

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