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2023-03-06 page

Battery Testing and Analytics: fast health diagnosis of lithium-ion batteries

VDE Renewables offers a state of health check for batteries to determine their future use and second life applications.

Do you work with batteries and don't know whether they should be reused or recycled? Through the patented testing technology of our exclusive partner Li.plus, you will receive detailed information about your battery’s state of health (SOH) as well as its currently available capacity and internal resistance.

For this purpose, the battery system is excited with a special current pulse. The resulting voltage response allows a clear, analytical, highly precise characterization of the system. The measurement is performed non-invasively and within fractions of a second. Regardless of battery type, size and condition, the essential parameters of the electrical equivalent circuit can be quantified without any prior knowledge. 

With these battery tests and analyses, you can receive exact information about the condition of your batteries and can make a decision whether, for example, a second life application is worthwhile, or recycling is the more economical alternative. This procedure is particularly suitable for:

  • Batteries of unknown condition from the field
  • Production rejects
  • Batteries that were returned due to the service life of the device or due to the expiry of the lease
  • The determination of the residual value of batteries 

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