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Battery Accident Investigations & Forensics

In individual cases battery energy storage systems can suddenly catch fire or explode – the reasons range from insufficient electrical protection to inadequate operational management to faulty installations.

Battery accidents result in lost revenue, system replacement costs and in the worst case in legal disputes and penalty payments to aggrieved parties as well as potential fines. 

VDE Renewables' dedicated technical experts can work with your engineers, surveyors, authorities and other stakeholders to investigate battery incidents and determine their causes. Battery forensics and accident investigations assist in determining component issues, assembly problems and battery abuse behavior to prevent future incidents. 

Dominik Hennefeld
Andreas Hauser

VDE Renewables takes advantage of its extensive testing capabilities as well as the knowledge of its experienced battery experts to conduct independent forensic- or accident investigations of cells and battery energy storage systems (BESS), either standalone or in collaboration with established surveyors (e.g. in the marine business), relevant authorities or other stakeholders.

Our services in that field include, among others:

  • Document reviews: QA procedures and logs, shipping documentation, incident reports
  • Inspections and evidence collection: Accident sites, production facilities
  • Testing and analysis: Re-testing of samples to confirm claims, electrochemical analyses, inspection and testing of product packaging

Some examples from past projects:

  • Reconstructing of an incident device after a battery explosion and  deter-mining the cause of the incident
  • (Re-)Tests and measurements on batteries and cells from a battery fire during transportation
  • Provided expert opinions on possible causes of incidents and review of the battery Dangerous Goods shipping documentation
  • Assisting stakeholders and authorities with evidence collection at the harbor and assessment of cells from the same shipments that survived the fires
  • On-site inspection of containerized energy storage after battery container fire

Use the knowledge of VDE Renewables to quickly resolve incidents and improve your products and processes.