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Our Power Plants and System Services

Our team has extensive experience reviewing distributed generation (DG) and utility-scale renewable energy and storage projects on behalf of Project Developers as well as for banks offering project financing. Typically, the scope of work for due diligence services can be categorized across four different products, which we have listed below as Products 1 to 4. Broadly, these include the provision of reports, certificates and supporting letters as required for financing purposes.


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1. Technical Due Diligence, Independent Engineering and Quality Assurance Services for Solar Projects

2. Manufacturing and Pre-delivery Verification

3. Certification of Product Lines for Solar EPCs

4. VDE Renewables Advisory Services

Each Product lists topics that VDE Renewables can provide support for, and the corresponding description explains the benefits and typical service inclusions for that topic. Let us know which topics interest you so we can design a quality assurance solution that suits your needs.

If your firm is interested in services not listed here, or to create a customized package, you have the option of doing so using our VDE Advisory Service package.

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Power Plants and Systems Product catalogue

Other VDE Renewables Service Divisions

Power Plants and Systems is part of the VDE Renewables team. Beyond the Power plants and System products listed above, VDE Renewables also specialises in PV Modules, Power Transmission, Batteries and Energy Storage Systems, and finally Hydrogen and Power-to-X

If you are interested in any additional services from other topics, please don’t hesitate to ask and we can supply a list of available services and products. 

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