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Minerva Studio / Fotolia
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Leverage on our know-how and networks


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We offer a portfolio of services and products where you can:

  • Learn best practices for various concepts and processes,
  • Gain experience with products and technologies
  • Learn how efficient project development can be, with a large reduction in flaws and failures
  • See what requirements the different stakeholders in a project have

Though our standardization work we are well familiar with:

  • how to deal with standards
  • how to interpret and apply standards
  • how to benefit from standards

Through our network, you can also benefit from VDE’s matchmaking activities for projects.

Corporate training programs

We help you build up your knowledge base, improve your processes and set up the right quality assurance measures to differentiate yourself from competitors in the market.

Project-related support

We support you considering the right technical specification in contractual agreements. By agreeing on such parameters upfront, for example on quality assurance measures and their related criteria, risks are not only reduced, but also disputes with service providers can be avoided. Our experience also helps you fulfill the requirements of important stakeholders like banks, investors and insurers.

Get in touch to explore your potential benefits and be one step ahead of your competitor!


VDE has an international network of project developers, banks, investors and insurance providers. We actively bring together relevant parties to maximize synergies. This includes individual project consortiums as well as public matchmarking events and building bridges to countries around the world.

Contact us to be a part of our network and be invited to our events or project consortiums.