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Manufacturing and Pre-delivery Verification

Mapping out a new supply chain? Need to ensure that the quality of your suppliers meets your standards? We are well-positioned to support you in the procurement phase to ensure that your expected quality level is set and maintained. We can also help ensure that your manufacturing process is within the planned specifications.  


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There is a vast selections of quality assurance measures that a buyer can take advantage of through VDE Renewables, such as factory audits and production supervision.

We can support you across the following topics: 

  • Factory Audits 
  • Production Supervision 
  • Laboratory Tests 
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Factory audits

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A standard audit used applied to many industries. You would be supported by our experienced technology experts, who are authorized inspectors at solar manufacturing sites. In close contact and collaboration with you, we verify quality standards and supervise the production of your goods: 

  • Inspection of incoming materials according to Bill of Materials.​
  • Reporting including (if required) compulsory remediation. ​
  • Review corrective action plan based on from the pre-production audit​
  • In-factory validation before module production (to ensure proper remediation)​
  • Product inspection during factory production

Pre-shipment inspection

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In order to independently verify the test results from the factory, buyers can have their purchased products tested on a sample basis at an independent third-party testing laboratory. Additional tests can be carried out to verify claims made by the manufacturer about their product. These tests can be carried out at the country of manufacture (such as China) so that in the case that a batch fails a test and has to be rejected, it can be done so before the products are shipped to their end destination.

VDE has a dedicated inspection team and lab facilities in China and has carried out procurement quality assurance-related services. We have a strong focus on PV modules with a track record of over 3 GW tested. These services were provided to customers in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and the Middle East.

Case Study of Supply Chain Services

VDE’s fast, reliable, and efficient approaches have prevented an annual financial loss of US$ 200,000 which translated to US$ 2,000,000 over 10 years of operation due to low quality

VDE Renewables was contracted to perform technical due diligence for PV Power Plants in Turkey. The total portfolio has a capacity of >200 MWp, set-up using different PV module suppliers. The procured components possessed certification complying with international standards. 

However, negative performance deviation was detected during shipment inspections as part of the VDE service. 

Considering these resulting losses, the investment in additional quality assurance by VDE Renewables has a payback period of less than 6 months. 

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