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VDE Quality Tested: Complete PV power plant certification

The VDE QT program for photovoltaic power plants is targeted to project owners and developers who want to maximize their plants' safety, reliability, performance, and therefore, optimize energy output and revenues.


Boris Farnung
Kevin Punzalan

VDE and its partner Fraunhofer ISE are offering comprehensive PV power plant certification services verifying system quality, validating performance and assuring safety.
In order to achieve bankability and differentiation, a premium level of certification and quality assurance at the system level are required. Importantly, it is necessary to go beyond the standards with new and customized quality assurance products that address quality on a system-wide level. Such an approach leads to lower technical risk and increased trust and confidence for a PV system as a secure investment.

The VDE Quality Tested portfolio delivers significant advantages to all stakeholders in 4 key areas:

  • Electrical and mechanical safety of the system
  • System performance and energy yield verification
  • Proper system operation
  • Independent verification for investors, lenders, insurance companies and other stakeholders by highly competent and reputable experts

The base product portfolio is composed of comprehensive design review, sophisticated modeling and more than 300 testing points which must be passed in order to achieve the Quality Tested mark of certification. This highlights the stringent and comprehensive level of quality assurance provided by the product.
Furthermore, the VDE Quality Tested portfolio includes a ‘toolbox’ of additional services and test procedures for customization according to the individual needs of the customer. Additional test procedures will also be specifically mentioned on the awarded Quality Tested mark.