Wind turbine in rural area
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Comprehensive solutions for onshore wind power plants

VDE, together with Allianz and Evergy, offers a comprehensive service for onshore wind power plants, which includes quality assurance, certification and insurance solutions.


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Risk assessment, quality assurance, certification and insurance solutions

The global market for onshore wind farms is growing – according to the International Energy Agency, 2.5 wind turbines are expected to be erected every hour! It is estimated that nearly 60 GW of wind capacity are going to be built in 2017 in the face of continuing declines in cost and the steady progress towards achieving grid parity.

However, a myriad of challenges are starting to emerge: new markets often do not have established quality assurance and financing mechanisms yet, and developing high quality projects which are attractive to investors, commercial banks and insurance companies is becoming increasingly difficult in such environments.

With these challenges in mind, VDE, Allianz Climate Solutions and Evergy Engineering have partnered up to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for onshore wind farms to bridge the transaction gap between the investment and the asset side by maximizing performance and minimizing overall project risk.

Benefits for your wind project

  • Support in securing better insurance conditions and financing terms
  • Optimized returns and increased liquidity for developers
  • Streamlined development and quality processes can be standardized and adopted
  • Verified system performance and minimized financial and technical risks
  • Requirements from all stakeholders are accounted for in the project assessment