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Reliable fuel savings calculations for bankable PV-Hybrid power systems


Frauke Schütte

High-quality load measurements and generator parameters are key inputs for calculating potential fuel savings resulting from integrating solar PV into a combustion-based power generation system.

Reliable and transparent fuel savings calculations provide a strong basis for project investability and bankability to clients, investors and financiers.

VDE has developed a test specification together with leading industry players which certifies that all key requirements for fuel savings calculations for PV-hybrid power systems are properly accounted for.

How you can benefit:

  • Increased transparency for key project stakeholders, such as investors and lenders
  • Supports investability and bankability by assuring that the fuel savings calculations for the PV-hybrid system factor in all the necessary key parameters
  • Reduces the risk of improperly designed and oversized systems that could lead to reduced revenues, through better data
  • Improved comparability of different PV-hybrid systems, with widespread adoption of the test specification