Inspection of a PV power plant

Premium evaluation and certification for existing PV power plants

VDE offers a certification product for photovoltaic power plants already in operation, both on the component and system level.


Frauke Schütte

Technical assessment of system performance

A good overall PV system is built on quality components, good planning and implementation. VDE Renewables offers a comprehensive check-up of operational photovoltaic power plants, looking into both the component and system level.
If you’re looking to invest in an existing plant or find out how well yours is performing, then you should check out our total system certification solution.

Our solution comprises of three steps

1. Validating documentation
2. On-site inspection
3. Yield confirmation

After in-depth assessment and testing of the system, all data and results are compiled in a detailed diagnostic report, which includes full analyses and recommendations. Certification will be issued to the PV power plant, if it meets the VDE defined criteria.

Who should consider this service?

  • Investors and financiers looking at investing in operational power plants
  • Insurance firms evaluating plant operation and performance to determine its risk level
  • Plant owners who want a thorough investigation to ensure the plant is operating well