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Technical due diligence services for renewable energy power plants

Whether you're looking for technical or financial expertise or both, Allianz and VDE Renewables offer their combined services to meet your solar or wind project's quality requirements.


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Gain new insights: An all-in-one partner for technical, financial and insurance expertise

Renewable energy power plants are complex undertakings with a variety of factors to consider, many of which evolve at various stages of the project. It is therefore of utmost importance to plan and execute the project properly to minimize risk and optimize financial returns. Having an experienced independent partner to carry out due diligence can help developers achieve these objectives.

Through the partnership between Allianz Climate Solutions and VDE Renewables, we offer a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive scope of services for the entire lifecycle of your project. From engineering, contracts analysis and project management to insurance and financing, we are with you every step of the way, providing a one-stop approach for:

  • Technical consulting
  • On-site and laboratory-based technical support
  • Component supply chain quality assurance
  • Financing sourcing for debt and equity
  • Insurance solutions
  • Project certification
  • Legal advisory
  • Tax advisory
  • Transaction advisory: cost optimization, credit loan and conditions check
  • Overall project management for due diligence services

Our goal is to provide you with trusted, impartial due diligence services which will reduce your risk and provide you with confidence in your project’s success. The unique advantages of working with us include:

  • Comprehensive risk mitigation through our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that all relevant project aspects are covered
  • Our established knowledge and experience in the finance and insurance industry means we are well equipped to support project bankability and insurability
  • We help moderate the communications between different project stakeholders and help ensure that relevant information is shared and discussed
  • Our one-stop-shop approach helps optimize time and costs
  • We work hand-in-hand with our customer-partners to ensure that you get exactly what you need


Our experience

  • EUR 10 billion assessed investment volume. Highly qualified projects for investors and banks
  • 1,000 projects evaluated in all major regions
  • 4 GWp PV projects reviewed
  • 3.5 GWp RE projects insured
  • Present in Europe, the USA and Asia