Gabelstapler der einen Container belädt bei Sonnenaufgang
2020-05-07 TOP

Supporting services for the product supply chain: DHL, LPA and VDE offer assistance for coronavirus-pandemic-related disruptions

VDE Renewables, together with Partners DHL and LPA-GGV, offers supply chain support services for buyers facing challenges in logistics, legal and quality assurance.

The worldwide increase in coronavirus cases, combined with the resulting measures to slow down and contain the number of infections, has significantly impacted the product supply chain, including the renewable energy sector. Due to the increase in customs restrictions, the operations of ports and freight hubs around the world are affected; therefore, there is great uncertainty as to whether and when the required supplies will become available. In some companies, inventories of components and systems are rapidly decreasing and are placing a burden on the continuation of production and securing liquidity.

Many buyers and end-user companies urgently need the supply chain for components and systems to resume its normal operations as soon as possible.

This requires expert know-how from the logistics sector, which can evaluate all essential parts of the supply chain and provide end to end visibility based on agreed milestones and full supply chain transparency. Should these contractual obligations not be met, legal support in terms of renegotiation and adjustment of existing supply contracts and enforcing claims against manufacturers, suppliers or logistics companies, may be required. In addition, when purchasing goods from production facilities, it is critical that adherence to the defined quality processes during production and to the Bill of Materials (BOM) is properly checked and evaluated.

To solve this myriad of supply chain challenges, DHL, LPA-GGV and VDE have formed a cooperation to address the broad range of needs and challenges being faced by end-customers and other stakeholders in the market:

  • Lead logistics and consulting – DHL Group
  • Legal advice – LPA-GGV
  • Quality assurance, including production inspection and testing services – VDE

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