Solarpanel mit Windturbinen vor Bergen und Himmel als Hintergrund
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Power Plants and Systems

Projects need security – we deliver security.

VDE offers tailored solutions - for every project of every size.

Your advantage: An independent and comprehensive assessment covering all aspects of quality and safety to ensure that your expectations are reached.

Our value: Our deep and extensive expertise from 200+ projects in 20+ countries.

Contact us and find out how we can support you and maximize your project’s performance.


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Technical Due Diligence and Yield Assessment

Ensure that all key aspects of the project are properly checked, and that yield and financial predictions can be achieved. Find out more.

Supply Chain Services

Verify that components and modules are produced following the defined quality processes, fulfill reliability and performance specifications, and are shipped properly so that they reach your project safely. Find out more.


Capitalize on our experience: through our corporate training and workshops, gain knowledge on standardization, proper implementation of quality processes or new technologies such as agrivoltaics, floating PV or other new applications. Find out more.

VDE Certified PV Power Plants

Secure your unique Power Plant Product with the VDE quality mark and ensure maximum quality and compliance with standards. Find out more.

VDE Quality Assurance for On- and Offshore Wind Farms

Unique drone-based inspection of wind turbines following an independently verified process to ensure high safety and security.

Proof of Concept

Receive independent verification of your newly developed product, ensure compliance with standards and get possible inputs for additional functionality as a unique selling point. Find out more.