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VDE Certified PV Power Plants

The VDE certified mark serves as independent proof that your power plant is worth more than the sum of its parts!  


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Secure your unique Power Plant Solution with the VDE quality mark and ensure maximum bankability and compliance with standards.

Standardized project management acts as a safeguard for reliability, which ensures your product’s performance and value – and will even improve future projects through internal improvements!

Differentiate yourself from your competitors – choose quality!

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The certification is comprised of two main parts.   

Part 1 refers to the testing and certification of the underlying general PV power plant concept.

Part 2 is performed after the implementation, the testing of the individual project based on the certified PV power plant.  

The certificate applies for many different applications, for example

  • Rooftop Power Plants
  • Floating PV
  • Carport Solutions
  • Agri-Photovoltaic Systems
  • Utility Scale Projects

For each application specific requirements are taken into account, and the entire project is analyzed and certified from the ground up by VDE Renewables specialists.

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