VDE Sustainability Scheme

The VDE Sustainability Scheme investigates your value chain contributions and creates standardized and recognizable certification for CO2 Footprint, recycling and material traceability.

VDE independently verifies these aspects of your supply chain in order to create USPs for your business, processes and products.


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Project Implementation

The increasing social and political awareness of the necessity of a sustainable economy makes it essential to be able to evaluate the sustainability of products and companies. Various approaches, procedures and standards address this need. However, they all show weaknesses in the evaluation criteria and the traceability of the individual evaluations. Thus, we often have apples-and-oranges comparisons that are nether valid nor useful.

In response, VDE has initiated the VDE Sustainability Program. It creates a standardized validation method and the traceable verification for:

  • CO2 footprint calculated 
  • Recyclability
  • Origin of raw material used 

As well as further emphasizing: 

  • Standardized criteria and transparent assessment methodology  
  • Data collection and validation by neutral experts based on on-site audits 

Comparable and traceable results with certificate