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VDE Renewables

VDE Renewables Advisory Services

If your company wants services beyond the individual packages identified here, we would be happy to assist you in identifying and fulfilling your needs. You have the option to have reports designed to achieve specific objectives not generally listed by our service menu. These include issuing expert opinions, as well as the commissioning of Technical Reviews.


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Reach out to us and we can design a proposal around your needs! 

Here are some of the Advisory Projects we have executed:

  • A Tailored O&M regime based on the uniquely harsh climatic conditions of a high desert, or a warm and humid climate. This plan would outline the scope and responsibilities of the operator, identify key KPIs, design a customized monitoring system, incorporate preventive maintenance actions, and mitigate endemic problems associated with harsh conditions. 
  • Expert feedback on long-term technical and financial risks from operating large-scale PV power plants. This analytical report included estimates of expected operational lifespan, failure modes and rates, degradation modes, rates, and performance warranties, as well as defects/failures and replacement rates for: PV modules, solar inverters, mounting systems and wiring and connectors 
  • Interpretation of national deviations within German standards versus related IEC/EN/HD standards for electrical installations. 
  • Evaluation of grounding, equipotential bonding and lightning protection on mounting systems, Overview of relevant standards, general requirements from DIN VDE, overview of any deviations in other European countries and presentation of typical product tests before and after aging tests. 
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