Gabelstapler der einen Container belädt bei Sonnenaufgang
Supporting services for the product supply chain: DHL, LPA and VDE offer assistance for coronavirus-pandemic-related disruptions
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Rueckansicht eines Solar Panels
COVID-19: VDE, DHL und LPA-GGV unterstützen Erneuerbare-Energien-Sektor
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VDE Testlab Offenbach
Battery testing
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Batterie Energiespeicher
Technical expertise across the battery and energy storage value chain
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BMZ & VDE RE partnership contract signing
BMZ Group and VDE establish a strategic partnership in the field of battery technology
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200,000 product types with millions of model variants bear the VDE mark worldwide
100 years of the VDE mark = 100 years of product safety
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Burkhard Holder, Robert Metzger (1)
Electromobility: Germany is not ready
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VDE Renewables offers quality assurance services for the energy sector. Our goal is to support the implementation of clean energy projects that are bankable, investable and insurable. We strive towards this goal by offering neutral certification and testing, as well as technical due diligence and independent/owner’s engineering services.

If you’re looking for:

  • Internationally recognized certification for your renewable energy projects: PV modules and power plants, wind farms, battery and energy storage systems, grid conformity
  • Bankability, investability and insurability support to de-risk your projects and improve financial viability
  • Technical due diligence and independent engineering services for project developers and owners
  • Supply chain quality assurance and pre-shipment inspections for component buyers
  • Advisory and training on quality processes for manufacturers and installers

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Further services related to renewable energies

Energy efficiency and ecodesign

To achieve climate goals and protect the environment, policy requires and promotes energy efficiency measures. This produces economic benefits for manufacturers due to cost-saving measures, and consumers regard energy-efficient products as an important purchasing factor. The VDE is an expert in supporting energy efficiency technologies, standardizing product and testing requirements, expertly testing and assessing electrical products and in special appraisal services for environmental and energy audits.

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Energy efficiency measures are important for protecting the climate and the environment

Chemical product safety and sustainability

Environmental protection goals and substance-related requirements are in force worldwide. We help you comply with them.

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Chemical product testing at the VDE Institute

Mobility and charging infrastructure

The electronics in the automobile and in the charging infrastructure must work reliably without interference and furthermore be absolutely safe, of course. Battery and control management, along with the utilized plug connectors, switches and wires, must ensure vehicle safety, even during and after an accident.

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Automobile at the charging station


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Whether it’s batteries or energy storage systems, the VDE Institute is your reliable test partner

Energy Supply

Electrical networks with its power lines and switch gear as well as additional electrical equipment constitute the classical interface between power generation and power consumption.

The future coexistence of centralized and decentralized supply systems demands an energy management based on the most advanced IT technology, the increased use of renewable energy and the introduction of large-scale automation and protection systems as well as real-time safety management. In addition to the technical challenge, it is highly important to ensure the supply quality of the public electricity networks.

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Safety and efficiency of the energy supply through the latest IT technology

Grid conformity

The increasing expansion of energy networks with renewable energy poses new challenges to plant manufacturers, operators and grid operators alike. Compliance with connection conditions for grid feed-in is an important prerequisite for ensuring the stability and performance of electricity grids. The VDE Testing and Certification Institute offers you all the important tests and certifications related to grid conformity.

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Feeding renewable energy into the power grid

Smart Home / Smart Living

Devices and systems in your own home are becoming increasingly intelligent. The ability to communicate with one another is still the smallest hurdle that in-home devices and systems must overcome. Manufacturers of smart home systems and devices face technical challenges in software and hardware. The experts at the VDE Institute assist you with the most important requirements for your products – even as early as during the development phase.

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Comfortable living with smart home

Smart Metering

Recording industrial and household energy consumption is always the center of interest for politicians and businessmen. The objective is to control energy consumption, stimulate energy savings and promote innovative technologies in this sector.

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We test and certify your smart metering products

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