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We are located at: Siemensstrasse 30, 63755 Alzenau.

By Car

VDE Renewables is in the Industrial Zone of the city of Alzenau (Nord).

From Frankfurt Main Station, take the B44 to the A3. From Frankfurt Airport, directly take the A3. Then take the B43a (A45/A66/Dortmund) and A45 (München). Afterwards, take exit 44 (Alzenau-Nord) to St2305, which heads directly to Industriestrasse, and then Siemensstrasse 30 will be on your right.

The office is 45km away from Frankfurt and can be reached in approximately 30-40 minutes.

By Train

The nearest train station is Alzenau Nord. It's accessible via an hourly train from Hanau Main Station.

From the Airport Regional Train Station, or from Frankfurt Main Station, take the Regional Express or the S-Bahn (line S9) heading to Hanau Main Station. Then take the Regional Train heading in the direction of Schöllkrippen. Alzenau Nord is the 5th stop. Upon exiting the station, turn left and head down Brentanostrasse, then turn right on Industriestrasse. After approximately 900m, Siemensstrasse 30 will be on your left.

From the train station it is an easy 12 minutes' walk to the office.

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Further services related to renewable energies

Energy efficiency and ecodesign

To achieve climate goals and protect the environment, policy requires and promotes energy efficiency measures. This produces economic benefits for manufacturers due to cost-saving measures, and consumers regard energy-efficient products as an important purchasing factor. The VDE is an expert in supporting energy efficiency technologies, standardizing product and testing requirements, expertly testing and assessing electrical products and in special appraisal services for environmental and energy audits.

Energy efficiency measures are important for protecting the climate and the environment

Chemical product safety and sustainability

Environmental protection goals and substance-related statutory requirements are in force worldwide. They form the foundations that manufacturers and distributing companies must comply with during product development.

Chemical product testing at the VDE Institute

Automotive and E-Mobility

Electronic components in the automotive industry have to work faultlessly, an important requirement, if it concerns the safety of the vehicle. Battery and control management as well as the used cables and cords have to ensure the safety of the vehicle, of course.


Batteries and Fuel Cell Systems

If manufacturers of batteries take less care on quality, there will be a decline on output. Safety could also be in danger. Malfunctioning batteries and accumulators can damage the applications. In the worst case they can catch fire or explode.

Customers who make the safe choice look for products with safety and quality labels. The VDE Testing and Certification Institute tests your products according to the current standards and awards them with all necessary labels for the national and international market.


Energy Supply

Electrical networks with its power lines and switch gear as well as additional electrical equipment constitute the classical interface between power generation and power consumption.

The future coexistence of centralized and decentralized supply systems demands an energy management based on the most advanced IT technology, the increased use of renewable energy and the introduction of large-scale automation and protection systems as well as real-time safety management. In addition to the technical challenge, it is highly important to ensure the supply quality of the public electricity networks.

Safety and efficiency of the energy supply through the latest IT technology

Grid Conformity

The increasing expansion of energy networks with renewable energy poses new challenges for plant manufacturers and network operators alike. Observance of connection conditions for feeding electricity is an important prerequisite for securing the stability and performance of the power grids. The VDE Testing and Certification Institute offers you all important tests related to grid conformity.

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Power poles and wind turbines at dusk

Smart Home/Smart Living

Devices and systems in your own home are becoming increasingly intelligent. The ability to communicate with one another is still the smallest hurdle that in-home devices and systems must overcome. Manufacturers of smart home systems and devices face technical challenges in software and hardware. The experts at the VDE Institute assist you with the most important requirements for your products – even as early as during the development phase.

Comfortable living with smart home

Smart Metering

transparent energy consumption

The recording of industrial and household energy consumption is always the center of interest for politicians and businessmen. The objective is to control energy consumption, stimulate energy savings and promote innovative technologies in this sector.