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VDE Renewables GmbH

Siemensstrasse 30

63755 Alzenau | Germany

Phone: +49 69 6308 5300

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Wind turbine and solar panel with sun in the background
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Get updated about VDE Renewables' activities and partnerships.

VDE Renewables leads the dialogue on energy storage and digitalisation in clean energy

Ansgar Hinz gave the opening keynote speech at the Digital Transformation of Energy track at ACES 2017 in Singapore.

Ansgar Hinz, CEO of the VDE Association, gave the opening keynote of the Digital Transformation of Energy track at ACES 2017 in Singapore.

2017-10-25 press release

The 2017 Asia Clean Energy Summit’s Financial Summit and Digital Transformation of Energy sessions discuss bankability for renewables, storage financing, and success factors for digitalisation.

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VDE Renewables, Fraunhofer ISE, ERI@N launch global initiative for energy storage at the Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore

VDE Prime Lab

The VDE Prime Lab in Singapore shall offer VDE’s testing & certification portfolio, as well as conduct testing according to local and regional standards.

2017-10-24 press release

The VDE Global Energy Storage Competence Cluster will serve the international cleantech sector along the entire value chain and features VDE Prime Labs in Singapore, Germany and the USA.

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New VDE Certificate for existing PV power plants

Wind turbines and solar panels in front of blue sky
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2017-05-23 Frankfurt am Main press release

VDE Renewables has developed a new certification product to meet the requirements of a growing secondary market for PV projects. It is a comprehensive, independent verification of PV power plants in terms of performance and quality. The focus is on electrical and mechanical safety, as well as the optimum operation of the power plant, looking at both the complete system and component levels.

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VDE Financial Summit in SNEC 2017: China focuses on quality in renewable energies

Burkhard Holder at the VDE Financial Summit, VDE Renewables

Burkhard Holder, Management Director of VDE Renewables, at the VDE Financial Summit in Shanghai

2017-04-20 press release

300 experts from the renewable energy industry, the financial and insurance sector, and representatives from the Chinese government discussed improved criteria for achieving bankability and investability of renewable energy components and overall systems at the VDE Financial Summit in Shanghai. VDE presented its new quality pyramid for renewable energies.

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Munich Re and VDE Renewables cooperate on PV Performance

Illustration of renewable energies
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2016-09-28 publication

PV panels marked with ‘VDE Quality Tested’ qualify for Munich Re’s Performance Cover

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VDE expands in the field of renewable energy

Wind turbines and solar panels in front of blue sky
visdia / Fotolia
2016-08-26 publication

The newly established VDE Renewables offers quality assurance, certification and bankability services for renewable energy around the world.

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