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Integrated financial and technical services for PV power plants


Frauke Schütte

Risk assessment, quality assurance, certification and insurance solutions

Allianz Climate Solutions (ACS), the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, and VDE Renewables have partnered together to provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for PV power plants. We strive to help you achieve insurability, investability and bankability by maximizing performance and minimizing overall project investment risk.

ACS-ISE-VDE Services - Graphic
ACS ISE VDE track record

Our track record as of April 2017

Benefits for your PV project

  • Verified system performance and minimized financial and technical risks
  • Optimized returns and increased liquidity for developers
  • Streamlined development and quality processes can be standardized and adopted
  • Support in securing better insurance conditions and financing terms
  • Requirements from all stakeholders are accounted for in the project assessment

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Integrated financial and technical services for PV power plants (English)

Allianz, Fraunhofer ISE, VDE Renewables
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