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2018-11-28 86 0

PV Module Manufacturing Quality Assurance


Frauke Schütte

Module buyers, such as project developers and owners, look for assurance that their modules are of top quality, performance, safety and reliability, following the product specifications of the manufacturer. Good quality modules are critical to the overall financial success of the project, since modules are the core factor in reaching energy generation targets and revenues.

In some cases, however, the quality control at the production line, as well as packaging and handling procedures before the modules are shipped out, does not follow international standards, potentially leading to lower performing modules. 

VDE Renewables is offering a PV module manufacturing quality assurance service for module buyers. This includes comprehensive testing and on-site audits of the manufacturers before, during and after production of the particular modules being purchased, thereby ensuring that the PV module supplier meets the specific PV module requirements of the buyer.

Our services

  1. Pre-quality check of PV module supplier
  2. Pre-production factory audit
  3. On-line factory inspection
  4. Pre-shipment inspection
  5. Witness testing at TDAP lab
  6. 3rd party laboratory testing
  7. Expert supervision of testing