VDE Batterie- und Umwelttestzentrum
VDE Renewables remains open for business
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BMZ & VDE RE partnership contract signing
BMZ Group and VDE establish a strategic partnership in the field of battery technology
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200,000 product types with millions of model variants bear the VDE mark worldwide
100 years of the VDE mark = 100 years of product safety
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Batterie Energiespeicher
Technical expertise across the battery and energy storage value chain
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Burkhard Holder, Robert Metzger (1)
Electromobility: Germany is not ready
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Illustration of a sustainable world concept
VDE: on duty for renewable energies worldwide
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Upcoming events

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VDE Renewables GmbH

Siemensstrasse 30

63755 Alzenau | Germany

Phone: +49 69 6308 5300

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