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VDE-ISE Pte Ltd is a joint venture of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute and Fraunhofer ISE. Representing VDE Renewables in Singapore, the company offers competent, rapid and high-value test services for manufacturers and retailers.


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Testing quality that pays

The Fraunhofer ISE possesses the know-how of calibration, durability analysis and accelerated aging of PV modules of many years, while the VDE Institute is a globally recognized testing and certification institute accredited by IECEE, ZLS and DATech.

Together with SERIS, a competent team of engineers and technicians not only carries out the tests with extraordinary diligence, but also supports companies in the new development and improvement of photovoltaic modules. Performance measurements, as well as the testing for safety, durability and long-term stability, will be carried out aside from the visual inspections. Moreover, new components and innovative materials can be examined and qualified individually, in laminates or in module prototypes during the early product development phase.

Why work with VDE-ISE?

Manufacturers of photovoltaic products benefit from the globally acknowledged performance capabilities of the VDE Institute and Fraunhofer ISE:

  • Incorporate up-to-date requirements from the product development phase, through our involvement in national and international boards
  • Access to global markets is facilitated by the excellent reputation of the VDE and Fraunhofer ISE
  • Improved safety in development and manufacturing through our neutral and comprehensive testing process

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