The VDE Institute and VDE Publishing House present their services for sustainability and smart living, among other things
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The VDE at the ISH

On March 11, it’s that time again. The world’s leading trade fair for responsible water and energy use in buildings opens its gates. More than almost any other trade fair, the ISH focuses on trendsetting issues regarding the conservation of resources and the use of renewable energies. The VDE Institute and the VDE Publishing House present their services pertaining to this issue. Stop by Passage Hall 5/6.1 V18 - we look forward to seeing you!


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Experts from the VDE Institute and VDE Publishing House are at your service at the ISH
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2019-01-17 event information

Do you have any questions on current standards or testing processes?

Would you like to market your product worldwide?

Do you care a great deal about the quality of your products?

Would you like to have your product tested by a neutral certification body?

We are available to assist you with our experts during the ISH in Frankfurt for all these questions and more. Book an appointment now and always be a step ahead.

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ISH Energy

All trends and novelties related to "heat", "refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology" along with "home and building automation" fall under this important category. Our experts are happy to demonstrate how we can assist you with this matter on site.

ISH Water

In the category of ISH Water, manufacturers present everything related to the "bathroom experience" and "installation technology", and  it should do more than just take into account the aspects of hygiene and convenience. Current installation standards and directives must also be taken into consideration. We are happy to assist if you have any questions.

Environmental and nature conservation

There have hardly ever been so many discussions about the issue of renewable energies and resource-friendly processing. We, too, believe that this issue is very important.

Networked for greater convenience

People who build or renovate often opt for networked devices. However, this can provide a gateway for cyber gangsters and hackers. To prevent that from happening, the selected products should be tested and certified accordingly.

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