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Ten advantages of our VDE marks

VDE Institute's main goal is to protect the consumer from risk.The VDE Mark, the European mark with global significance, signals to the consumer that the safety of electronic products has been tested for all respective risks by an impartial party.

Hendrik Schäfer

1. Electrotechnical products, which are labelled with the VDE mark, offer maximum safety and can be used without any reservations. Always pay attention to our safety labels when buying elctrical products and include the criteria "safety" and "certification marks" in your purchasing decision.

2. The VDE mark certifies the conformity of the product with national and international standards as well as the fulfillment of legal protection requirements.

3. The VDE mark is the premium brand for high testing quality. Products, which are labelled with a VDE mark, undergo a thorough examination and are examined in detail.

4. The VDE mark signifies the safety and quality of products.

5. The VDE mark is not only a mark of conformity, but an award.

6. VDE tested products have a low complaint rate and a higher durability.

7. VDE tested products reflect the state-of-the-art in technology.

8. The active participation of the VDE Institute in standardization allows a quick reaction to changes in standards. Products are tested and certified by the VDE Institute according to current normative requirements.

9. The VDE mark is also an important quality and safety characteristic for international manufacturers.

10. Consumer protection is important to us. Since the founding days, the safe handling of electrotechnical products in everyday life is our guiding principle.

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