Authorities and public sector profit from VDE activities
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Authorities and Public Sector

The VDE Institute lists all VDE tested and certified products in a special database. In addition, VDE lists those manufacturers and distributers in a blacklist that have been noticed during the market and production surveillances for counterfeiting or unauthorized use of the VDE mark. This online service supports authorities and the public sector in combating brand piracy.

During our market and production surveillances, we check, among other things, whether a corresponding VDE certificate is available for products with a visible VDE mark. If not, the corresponding product or the manufacturer of the product will be listed in our blacklist because of a missing VDE mark approval. This allows the authorities and the public sector to check at any time, whether our VDE mark has been falsified or misused.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Kreß
Hotline for customs issues

VDE and customs: Together against brand and product piracy

Customs trusts VDE Database

The VDE Institute intensively works with the European customs authorities to effectively counter falsifications of original products and the resulting abuse of VDE marks. European customs authorities are able to check the validity of VDE marks when goods are imported into Europe with the help of the VDE certification register.

Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you as a manufacturer should always attach copies of the valid VDE certificates to your shipments in order to avoid unnecessary delays in customs clearance. At the same time, we would ask you to inform your importers and customers about this measure and to provide them with copies of the applicable VDE certificates.

Due to the volume of product piracy and misuse in the European market, we believe this measure is sensible and necessary. We strive to minimize any inconvenience to our customers and to rely on your support and understanding.