Trade business as an important partner of the VDE Institute
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Handicraft - together with the VDE to an ideal future

Electricians function as an important interface between manufacturers and retailers on one side, and plant operators and consumers on the other side. Not only can deficiencies in a single component cause serious hazards, they also ruin the quality of the work result overall. Even potential rights of resource against the manufacturer cannot rectify the damage done to the reputation.

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VDE Institute - a powerful partner for the trade business

The VDE Institute is an important partner of the trade business because of its precision and its testing quality. These professionals can rely on the VDE-tested safety of electro technical equipment, electrical tools and personal safety equipment.

The electrical trade has a key position in this and specifically important are: products with the VDE mark.


Trade and Standardization

Consulting the trade business is a service of the VDE Institute

The trade business is the classic user of standards that acts as an intermediary between manufacturer, operator and consumer in the fields of planning, service and maintenance.

The VDE publishing house offers special assortment folders for the trade business in order to make it easier to directly apply the specific standards for the electrical trade.

In addition, the VDE is available to the trade for general safety questions and for questions concerning the application of standards. Especially the free-of-charge phone service of the DKE offers support.

Joint statement concerning the safe usage of electricity

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Safety and consumer protection experts from political and economical backgrounds together with the associations of the electrical industry deliver a joint statement concerning the safe usage of electricity.

They demand additional measures for the reduction of the number of electrical accidents, especially in private households. Based on accident surveys they alert the public: there are still property damages and even fatal bodily injuries occurring through electricity.

The VDE committee for safety and accident research has significantly accompanied this campaign.