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Easier energy label decided

The EU Commission has decided. The existing energy labels with the efficiency classes A+++ to G will be simplified. Thus, there should only be efficiency classes from A to G.


Rainer Köhn

According to the statement of the Vice President of the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič, it was high time to bring the labelling scale up to current state of technology. The criterias should always be updated so that efficiency class A remains permanently the most economical class. In addition, a public database is to be set up so that consumers can compare the devices even more easily. Manufacturers must register their products there. This database is also helpful in market surveillance activities. Consumers can save almost 500 euros a year with the revised energy labels, in conjunction with the corresponding ecodesign. EU Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete expects especially in Italy and all the Baltic countries considerable energy savings. 

The decision to introduce the new energy label still has to be formally approved by all member countries and the European Parliament. The directive should then enter into force within 15 months. The first labels will be in the shops one year later.

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