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The VDE presents new quality criteria for energy storage systems and batteries

The VDE has presented new certificates and services for energy storage and battery systems at the Energy Storage trade fair in Düsseldorf.

Frauke Schütte

The global market for energy storage systems is growing rapidly. Production is significantly expanded, especially in Asia. The number of countries in which energy storage systems are being installed in conjunction with intelligent electricity grids grows strongly. The increasing interest of the automotive industry in the area of e-mobility in connection with forward-looking charging concepts is also gratifying.

In addition to the VDE-AR-E 2510-50 application for stationary energy storage systems, the VDE also presented new quality criteria and certifications for achieving bankability, investability and insurability. This has been developed by VDE in close cooperation with leading banks and insurance companies.

Since the start of Energy Storage Europe, VDE has been a strategic partner for Messe Düsseldorf. As part of the accompanying conference, the VDE Financial Dialogue was held again. For six years this has been an established platform in Germany, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo to discuss and improve quality criteria and identify existing market barriers as well as exchange best practices in the field of renewable energies. Since the beginning of the series of this event, more than 2,000 participants from industry, the banking and insurance industry as well as from politics have participated.

Numerous experts have discussed above all possible improvements in market entry conditions in the industry. The political framework conditions for energy storage solutions were also an important issue. In addition, new business approaches and models for the production and assembly of complete systems as well as new approaches for technical distribution were presented.

"Our VDE Financial Dialogue in Düsseldorf impressively underlined the strong growth of the industry, but also the barriers to the industry. In addition to safety, the performance, cost-effectiveness and lifetime of the systems are also becoming more and more important, "said Burkhard Holder, Managing Director of VDE-Renewables.

For the first time, questions concerning digitalization and IT security were discussed at the VDE event, which are increasingly linked to energy storage systems and the operation of modern electricity networks.

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